Monday, July 26, 2010

Blood is the New Black

Big update, when writing doesn't seem quite so daunting, coming soon all about my one day trip to Salzburg but for now, I'm browsing Blood is the New Black. I heard about this site from one of the blogs I follow and got a pretty cool t-shirt from them a few months ago.

If Mount Rushmore had horror icons, I would've gone to visit it looong ago. As yet, I have not seen it except in movies, most notably North by Northwest.

Blood is the New Black promotes independent, underground artists and tries to spotlight their talent through t-shirt prints and their blog. Plus, they have pretty great name, hey, it caught my attention. Another blog I read just did a spotlight on them so I decided to check back in and see what's new. There are so many shirts that I want, it's gone beyond a wishlist. Though I'm a Blackberry girl (I don't like iPhones because I need numbers and buttons to push, and it would irk me to have to keep cleaning the screen as I know the fingerprints would drive me crazy. I deal with it on my iPod Touch but on a phone would make my skin crawl because it would look just so dirty. It's one of my weird little things) but some of the cases feaured actually made me want an iPhone just so I could have the most excellent case.

Possibly my favorite.

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