Friday, July 9, 2010

Eeeveryone's a Critic

Hahahaha, oh man I just got a pretty smart bitch-slap from reality.

I used to write for a bunch of music sites, mostly metal, and then I stopped. Lately, I kind of missed it so I sent an email off to a site that I thought would best fit me. I've talked about Metal Sludge and how much I used to love it, and Metal Sucks ( is pretty much in the same vein. Brash, outspoken commentary and opinions on everything. They liked my stuff and assigned me my first review today and I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the stuff I get to review blows. I actually liked this album and said as much. Well, this site enables people to comment and maaaan did I cause an uproar. Okay, slight exaggeration but there was some attitude. I think all the comments so far were damning me, and the site via me, for having such awful taste and touting it as quality. Probably didn't help that there's a banner advertising said band over the review.

I was kind of caught off-guard and was all set to be upset but then, come on it's a review! It's one person's opinion on a subject. It's not the word of all truth and goodness and of course there will be people who disagree. The ones who do will be the ones speaking up and making a fuss because haha, that's what I would do and have! Also, judging by the overall theme of the comments, I don't think they really got my tone. Oh well, boys are dense.

At least I know people are reading, I was never too sure of that any place else. And if I may indulge myself, I'm the one who gets to write and be published, not you, puny metal fans!


Here's the link, have at me. Oh and all the writers' names are silly puns and play-ons of rock stars and I chose Leyla Ford. Both keeping my name and giving a nod to Ms. Lita Ford from The Runaways (and later solo stuff that was kind of meh).

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