Friday, July 9, 2010

Dreams On Fire

Dreams are weird little things aren't they? And, they're usually not interesting to anyone except the person who had them or if they're short and weird enough that the person listening doesn't want to throttle you as you keep blabbing about it. When I fall asleep with the aid of Tylenol PM I always have whacked out dreams but I'll spare you. Basically at one point my grandmother was walking around a mall by herself and my cousin and I ran into her and she said something about my grandfather being mean to the waitstaff and that everyone would be relieved if he died.


Okay, I saw my grandmother yesterday and the cousin in the dream so of course they showed up and we've all been worried about my grandfather, and he can be quite ornery, so it all jumbled together and came out like that in my subconscious. I like when I can make sense of the nonsensical because I don't believe dreams are telling us anything. I think they're the extra parts of the day our minds just doesn't know what to do with, so they spin a storyline and play it in your head as you sleep to get rid of it.

Like for example, the other part of my dream. I was rushing around because it was time to eat and I had to eat a doughnut but it was the plain, plastic glazed ones that suck and I was mad I was eating it because it was like a Kripy Kreme and as an unofficial New Englander I have my Dunkin Donuts loyalties. Except when it comes to coffee because DD's coffee is atrocious and I'll pay the extra dollar and get Starbucks if I am going to go out to get my coffee. Oh and I was also panicking in the dream because I hadn't stuck to my "eating schedule."

This might not make a lot of sense to you, but it's perfectly clear to me. I went to a dietician the other day because I've had some trouble with my weight and food and since I've been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, not to mention teetering on the edge of Type 1 diabetes, I thought it would be a good idea to get a course in eating right and losing weight (bonus: it's Task 11!). I'm on a week-long program right now where I eat certain foods every couple hours and I have "tonic" to drink every day. Today's tonic is meant to clean and flush out my kidneys (yesterday's was liver and tomorrow is intestines and then I repeat the cycle) and is a mixture of green tea, lemon, raspberry tea and some other stuff. It's all natural, no chemicals or supplements and it's a very pretty red color. The food is normal too, breakfast; I had a homemade cereal of green apples, apricots, oats, cinnamon, and some kind of seed in lactose-free milk, lunch; zucchini cooked with fresh onions and tomatoes and some seasoning with yoghurt, snack; apple and cheese, second snack; grilled cheese on wheat bread, dinner; lentil soup and a big salad and I even got ice cream. The second day is a whole different list and I alternate between the two for a week. There's no starving yourself because that's even worse for the metabolism and with the small amounts and the tea tonic concoctions I've already lost some retained water weight. I go back next Thursday to check back in with the doctor/dietician and get another program. It's supposed to help train the body for a better eating schedule and re-balance everything internally. But of course in my dream, I'm worried about keeping up with it and eating right after the program is done and I'm on my own and so forth.

Tylenol PM keeps giving me these vivid dreams though, I should stop taking it but I need it sometimes because as nocturnal as I like to think my system is, I like to sleep!

Om nom, nom.

No you're not seeing things, one set of water glasses at home morph into a heart shape at the bottom.


  1. Your diet sounds really delicious.

  2. yay for checking another thing off the list and taking charge of what you eat! all that sounds so yummy. i still need to do something for myself like that. you shall be my inspiration!

  3. That's what I like about this lady, she knows the importance of food and how it affects the system so knows what to give for each individual that comes to her. My mom, two cousins, and a few other people I know here all go to her!


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