Monday, January 3, 2011

Pissing Everywhere Is Not Very Chanel

This blog is almost a year old! January 15 is when I'll reaally do my year in review because I kind of live and breathe by the terms of this funny little corner of the Internet. In the meantime, I've started another task. I know there are a million and one fashion blogs out there and everyone and their mother thinks they're the next Anna Wintour (editor of Vogue) just because they can pair "vintage" with Chanel and then take well-lit pictures of it. However, since this here cyber world is as endless, infinite and eternal (God, I hope not. My article I wrote in in summer camp is still up somewhere on the damn world wide web. It needs to go away already) as the universe, there's no reason why there shouldn't be room for one more fashion blogger; ME! Don't worry, I won't be as annoying with it as I am with this one (feeding, on to Facebook, bullying people to read it, linking to posts everywhere. I'm sorry, okay! That's just the way things are done!) so I'll just leave the one link here.

I've always had an interest in clothing and style and jewelry, from making my own metal band skirts to hunting with my mom all over Istanbul for peacock feather fabric to stealing my grandmother's designer sequined top and lace skirt to wear to a school event (there are also pictures of me with her fur stole and handbag parading around the house when I was about 5). I like looking at peoples' daily outfits and half the blogs I follow are just that; regular girls with distinct styles that I enjoy seeing what they do. That's how I've gotten to know them. This is something I've wanted to for a while so I'm trying it out. I like my outfits even though I get called weird every so often from everyone from my boyfriend to my grandfather. Hey, I did get stopped on the street once to get photographed for Elle's Street Style though. That's my claim to fashion fame. I don't think they ever published it.

My sister now as her own blog too. Ah college, the year I started Livejournal and various other online journeys that have all led to this moment. We write. It runs in the family. Check it out.

I'll have a real post up soon. Elliot leaves tomorrow and the year has officially started so back to all the writing work I've put off.
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