Sunday, July 4, 2010

I tell you, I was smokin' in the boys room.

Is anybody else having trouble with blogger? I can access the posting page and my dashboard but not my main page. It's starting to really annoy me.

So, in my quest to dabble in every internet fad, I made a tumblr. I used to have one but all the tumblarity drama not to mention the stress of trying to best portray my artistic tastes to strangers was too much and I shut it down. But right now I have a few that I follow and instead of having them as links in my bookmarks folder, I decided to just make a tumblr. If you have one and have pretty pictures and want followers, send me a link.

Mine is

Here's the inspiration for the name. Alice Cooper covers it too but it's originally by Brownsville Station.

I have a bunch of pictures saved on my computer but I don't know what to with them. Keep them? Put them on tumblr and delete? But then what if I want to see them and don't want to dig through pages of tumblr? It's little stuff like this that makes my obsessive /anxiety tic come out and frustrates me because really, it's not a big deal, so there's a folder of pictures on my computer. But I like things organized just so, and separated just so, and I don't know. I feel I'd be comfortable with the bare minimum but I like having options and augh. Too much braining, I have the dumb.

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