Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Task 21: Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, there was an inquisitive little kitty by the name of Egglet.

Egg had more than one name though. When she was being a particularly a cutie, she was Egglita.

When she was being a rather mean little girl, growling and glaring, she was EGG!

There were days when she was Egg Nog, mostly around Christmas, and days when she was Egg Salad, mostly around meal times. Sometimes Egglet just couldn't handle all the nicknames.

And some days when she delighted in them. Look at her play!

But Egglet spent most of her days sleeping.

And sleeping.

Some more sleeping.

She liked to sleep.

She also liked her owner Leyla.

When she wasn't sleeping, Egglet had all sorts of adventures. Some by herself.

Some with Leyla.

They were just inseparable. Together, they explored the whole world! Except when Egglet had to sleep of course.

* * * * *

Task 21 was to write a series of kids books. I've been kicking around the idea of writing about traveling with my Egglet, my kitty, for a while now and this past Valentine's day, my boyfriend sent me a hand-drawn comic of her and me on various adventures to get the idea moving. I take my cat everywhere with me. No, not in daily life, that's a little too crazy even for me (well, at age 24. Ask me again when I'm 80), but after leaving her for a couple months one summer then being apart from her a couple weeks at the beginning of the year, I realized I just couldn't and didn't want to do that anymore. I don't care what people say, my kitty is the love of my life and I need her near me. She helped me when I was in my sad phase just by being her ornery and cute self (hugging me, literally wrapping her paws around my neck and hugging me then getting sick of cuddly time and growling and hitting me) and by providing another heartbeat in my apartment. She amuses me and my friends to no end, especially when she's in a bad mood and I just adore her cute little nose, big kitty ears, and huge yellow-green eyes. She my black (metal) kitty.


  1. Ne kadar çok yazıyorsun! :D Yok bu iyi birşey kesinlikle! Ben çok üşeniyorum :) Bu arada evdeki bilgisayarımda bir sorun var senin blogunla birlikte birkaç bloga daha girmiyor, o nedenle akşam bloglara bakarken yorum yazamıyorum sana! Egglet çok tatlıymış, böyle mini mini bi dostun olması ne kadar güzel! Aslında kedilerden çok korkarım ama nedense bazı siyah kediler müthiş derecede çeker beni, Egglet gibi :)

  2. Bende bi kac bloga giremiyordum bir kac gun simdi giriyorum ama. Evde sIkIlInca yaziyorum iste ama oyle, aklima gelen seyler! Boston'a donunce her gun bir kiyafet resmi cekmek istiyorum senin blogun ve baska okuduklarim gibi. Sizler beni inspire ediyorsunuz!


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