Friday, July 2, 2010

Dig Up Her Bones

One of the blogs I follow is a jeweler/artist/writer whose stuff on etsy I keep going and admiring. I've wanted a heavy, necklace I can wear by itself for a while now and I've always been interested in vaguely dark subject matter (not to mention, the heavy metal connotations that come with it) and I fell in love with her, J.L. Schnabel and Blood Milk. That's the blogs header I have posted, I love well-designed headers. Yes, I realize mine is a Paint collage, shh. I've especially been noticing and the various animal skull pendants she casts in metal as apparently I have a skull fixation these days. That's what I get for eschewing skulls and skull prints all my life for being too "commercial punk," and now it all comes bubbling up.

I didn't want a crow skull as I see enough of the actual animal here in Istanbul and they annoy me and though I am quite fond of bats, I thought the vampire bat skull might be a little small. So I picked the owl skull necklace. I like owls and I like all the mythology that surrounds them so I thought it fit. I was going to wait for my birthday or another occasion but eh, I've been feeling blue and nothing cheers me like retail therapy. Plus, there was only one left in stock and I don't like gambling with time. Her Etsy page has a bunch of other stuff I've had my eye on. They're a little pricey but worth it because of the detail and craftsmanship that go into them. Not to mention, they're so limited you won't see them on everyone and their mother. I've been chastised for my frugal shopping (read: cheap) so I'm making an effort to buy well-made pieces that I can keep forever. This goes for jewelry, shoes, and clothes. Though I don't think I can ever give up my gaudy, costume jewelry or simple, girly pieces from H & M. That's asking too much.

Sparrow claw cocktail ring, Lydia (named after a personal favorite fictional character of mine, Lydia Deets from Beetlejuice!)

Harpy eagle claw necklace, doom song of the harpy,

Owl claw pendant, the prophet

You'll see my necklace when I wear it.

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