Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Doctor, doctor please.

Augh I have to get more tests. My favorite kind too; the see how high my sugar can get test. Basically, they make me drink a warm Coca Cola sweetened with about 9 packets of sugar and take blood every hour for the next four hours. It's annoying, takes a long time, and brings on the nausea like nothing else. My lovely body, as well as having polycystic ovaries and a problem with glucose has decided to go further down that road and try to turn me into an obese mama but I won't let it. I've been to like four doctors though and they all have walked me through all the insulin and sugar and metabolism crap but I just wish they'd tell me what to do instead of demonstrating it through witty diagrams and charts. My grandmother's radiation treatment has been put off for another week because her skin is so sensitive and needs time to heal (I get that from her too, just lightly tap me and I'll bruise) but this means she probably won't be coming to the summer house in Bodrum with my grandfather while the rest of us are there next week. Ah glorious summer! What a marvelous time of year! Why, it rivals Christmas! And I don't even celebrate Christmas!

Oh and I have to wear an armband with a monitor for three days to calculate my metabolism and the amount of calories I intake and burn on a daily basis. I'm feeling very Lindsay Lohan with my delightful new accessory.

I recently finished watching Wonderfalls, a TV show by the creator of Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me. I loved the first episode when it came out my freshman year of college but then it never coincided with my schedule so I couldn't watch it and it ended after the first season. I love Bryan Fuller's TV shows. I watched Pushing Daisies because the previews looked so good and fell in love with it though it got a little twee at parts. I still have the second season to watch but I'm putting it off because I get so sad when I get to the end of any TV series I get so "involved" with. I bought Dead Like Me for my sister one New Year's because it looked interesting and all the reviews and descriptions made it sound so bizarre and different, in short, perfect for her (and me!), and of course we both pretty much got sucked into it and watched it all one weekend. All these shows have these iconoclastic, sarcastic, bitter girls (well, except Pushing Daisies, but that even has a detached male version of the Bryan Fuller protagonist) in the lead roles and revolve around death and life and the meaning of it all and pull attention to it in quirky ways (in Wonderfalls, inanimate animals talk to the main girl and make her do things that ultimately help out everyone around her and in Dead Like Me, Georgia is a reaper (of the grim variety) that helps set souls free so that they can die peacefully). They all have fucked up, weird situations (like touching a person kills them but touching them again brings them back to life) and are pretty much nothing like anything else on TV. Which is why I think the general public doesn't get them and they end after one or two seasons. Wonderfalls was especially good though and it kind of hit too close to home (she's 24 and wondering what the hell to do with her life and trying to figure out why the universe keeps messing with her) and I guess I got very invested in it because after my doctor day I came home and finished it and burst into tears during the last episode. I wish there was more. Maybe I'll rewatch Dead Like Me. Or get around to finishing Pushing Daisies because although I was one of the first to get all excited about it while it was on (I'm not bragging, I can clearly remember telling people to watch it after I saw the series premiere by myself), it didn't hook me the way the other two shows did. But I think it will because every time I've watched it, I've been distracted so I never gave it a fair chance.

Talking about TV and taking it so seriously might seem like a waste of time but it's not to me. I sincerely believed I would be working in television and it was my focus in college and my roommate and I would often make fun of the pretentious "film kids," because we were down-to-earth "TV kids," (hi Pam!). These past few years, I think I've moved past it on to film, and become one of the pretentious film kids. I still take my TV and TV-watching seriously and if I had the opportunity to write for a show that meant as much to me as these, I would jump in a second. But, I've sort of lost my drive and film seems to be going that way too and I just can't seem to get excited about either lately. Plus, I'd have to live in LA to have anything to do with any of them and, as we've witnessed, that is not the best option for me. Maybe I can do it later in life but I just hope it won't be too late. I can't make myself go do it now though because I'm not like my Emerson friends, I don't have the motivation and the come-hell-or-high-water-I-will-make-it attitude they do.

I'm home alone for the evening and so I think I will watch Peter Sellers' Being There. I've been meaning to watch it for a long time and I love Mr. Sellers, bitter man that he was (hey, kindred spirit?), so it's seems right. From what I've heard about it, it should suit my mood perfectly. But then I will watch True Blood and buck right up.

Dear Messrs. Ball and Fuller
Could you hire me to write for either of your shows? I'm good with gore and jaded fucked-up-ness (respectively, dear sirs) and I feel we could be magic together.

Oh weird, Stephen Moyer from True Blood just showed up on-screen. He's on the Jay Leno show. A show I would definitely never write for. Bleh. But it's odd hearing his real accent instead of his hilarious southern one.

Some tumblr finds as well as the link to an article I wrote at MetalSucks.

Top Ten Worst Hair Band Names

That is possibly the best dress ever.

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  1. I saw that Leighton Meester dress last week and thought of you. It's so kick ass, and she actually pulls it off.

    I love Pushing Daisies, and I kinda liked Wonderfalls, though Joshua and I didn't ever get past the first episode. I think it bored him slightly... or he watched it without me. Either is possible.


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