Monday, July 5, 2010

Shake a Leg

I can only resist for so long. I didn't buy the AC/DC special edition Converse sneakers for a reason. I already had two pairs of Iron Maiden Vans (Piece of Mind and Powerslave and I still secretly want a Trooper pair but so far, no luck), any more music-related footwear and we're stepping into complete loser and kind-of-a-poseur territory. Really, can you be more of a sell-out? Branding is so not metal.

So I said no to the Back in Black high-tops (plus, I don't wear high-tops) as well as the amazing red Lock Up Your Daughters print with Angus's insane mug stamped on them. I mean, okay, I got the normal, black sneakers but that's because I live in sneakers. No matter how much I love and follow all the lady fashion-with-a-metal-edge bloggers that prance around on platforms daily, I'm more of a sea-level kind of dresser. And I needed new sneakers and since the only "sneakers" I wear are Chucks, I got them. You can barely see the Back in Black print on them anyway, so it didn't really count. And I'm a fan! We support our bands.

But then I saw these.

They are leather. They are AC/DC. THEY ARE LEATHER.

Summer and commercialism be damned, I got me some leather high-tops.

...Crap I just found a Lock Up Your Daughters pair on sale in my size.

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