Saturday, June 12, 2010

Candy Perfume Girl/Istanbul Girl

Uuuugh. Okay, okay, like any other female, I have watched the entire Sex and the City series and I did see the film and tonight I saw the sequel. I would like to state for the record I think the women portrayed in this series seem like empty-headed, selfish robots who don't know the first thing about acting rationally (freaking out and thinking the relationship is over because you farted in front of your boyfriend? Really? Show me the girl who actually thinks like this and I will gladly show her the back of my hand) and I greatly dislike the protagonist Carrie Bradshaw. She's neurotic, whiny, obsessive, superficial, and just plain dumb. I have never agreed with any of her choices on the show and I truly hated how she went batshit crazy over just a man and after the hell he put her through (and vice versa) they got married and somehow it was happily ever after.

So why do I watch it? Well firstly, it's pretty entertaining television and as someone who majored in TV (see how I slipped that bit of pretension in? Yeah, it's in cases like this where I can actually do that and feel I can get away with it) I can appreciate the occasional campy situation comedy a certain plotline may introduce. Secondly, I started watching it when I was quite young and it was kind of a "risque" show and I was purely curious but then I felt I had to follow it through because I invested enough time into it that I wanted to see how it ended. It's like a trashy novel; you hate it for the time it makes you waste and for the pure anger and rage it may inspire, but you need to see it through to the end because it's secretly kind of fun, in a masochist self-loathing kind of way. It's not the same as a badly written book, no that you can toss aside and never think about again. It's not even like a bad movie (though for all intents and purposes, the movie I saw tonight was definitely a bad movie) which you can turn off or walk out of. Bad books and films don't quite know how bad they are and operate under the assumption that they're quality material. Like Orhan Pamuk novels. I'm sorry, but when a story is ten pages of run-on sentences highlighted by 45 metaphors, that is not good writing. That's bad writing that thinks it's good. I don't believe Sex and the City believes it's good in any way. The fans are a different story. Especially the ones who identify themselves by certain characters ("Oh I'm a total Samantha!") The series itself is crap. But let me get to the third reason. The clothes and hair. Okay the third and fourth reasons I guess. I know many a person, say my boyfriend, who rolls their eyes and can't understand the idea of watching something just for the clothes. It sounds really, really stupid and like a lame excuse for wanting to watch something you know is bad. Okay, then why do people watch porn? That ain't real sex ladies and gentlemen. Sex and the City is one of the many visual sources for clothing and hair porn that I like to watch. I don't watch real porn because meh, I'm not interested in watching unfamiliar people get it on (as opposed to watching people I know get it on? Yeah don't ever need to see that either). But I do like flipping through Vogue, I do like browsing through various tumblrs, and I like watching TV shows and movies that cater to my want of seeing pretty clothes.

And yes, there were many, many pieces that my mom, cousin, and I oohed over. Though this wasn't as fun as the first movie. With that one there was a good long pause between the series ending and the reintroduction of the characters and everyone knew exactly what it was going to be. This one...well, I think it's time to stop beating this particular dead horse. The movie itself was horrendous and I've never felt such second-hand embarrassment during a film ("It's just like Aladdin and Jasmine but with cocktails!" Augh GAG ME). Nor am I a "Big" or an "Aidan" girl as I disliked both characters and their relationship to our protagonist. I'm not any type of girl really, not in relation to this show or in general. And I don't care how much money the Emirates and Abu Dhabi have, when you don't have taste opulence just looks tacky not rich. I just kept comparing the architecture and decorating of the hot shit hotel (22,000$ per night) with places I've visited in India and no contest. But seeing as how this is the point of this blog, I feel I should call attention to this:

Oh yeah, even they know who the first fashion queen was. Pure shades of Madonna. I'm going to sound like a terrible human being but Christ is Sarah Jessica Parker an unattractive woman. I mean, she's done amazingly well with what she has but she is not a pretty lady. Or a very good actress. I pretty much hate her character the most actually. Why did I watch this show and the movies again? I think I might just be a masochist.

Oh and New York is highly overrated, not that they were in the "City" long enough to showcase that. But that's another bitch for another day. Just saying though, tall buildings do not a romantic and wondrous city make. Oh, that's what kind of girl I am; an Istanbul girl.

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