Monday, June 7, 2010

Should I carry on/Will it matter when I'm gone.

With that last post, I realized I'm halfway done with the tasks! I had 30 written out and that made fifteen. I've only got a few huge ones left like, oh write a book, a few small one like learning to tie a sari, and a couple dumb throwaway ones I put down just to have a good pile of tasks to get through to start me off, like creating a Warhol-esque print or getting a long wig and having a "mod" day. Which still sounds fun and I'll probably do. Because I want a wig. But this isn't the end. I like to read books that are either about traveling and the adventures that ensue or books about self-discovery via a certain goal like cooking through all of Julia Childs' Mastering the Art of French Cooking in a year or a certain book I read that was sent to me through my agency. This project, adapting Madonna and her various accomplishments to suit me and my life was to get the ball rolling in an effort to emulate books like the latter one mentioned. In a way, it worked. By going out and sticking with my tasks I now have a job (though some might think otherwise on the subject), a more or less permanent home, and a better mental state of mind. I also have plenty of stories and anecdotes like learning to drive with a burly Russian man sitting next to me and calling me honey and encouraging me to go faster while screeching in his native tongue to someone I assume was a family member. Though this started as a way to get me to actually get up and do stuff while my Elliot was away, it's morphed into a year-long pursuit of dreams, so to speak. I want to sell a script, I want to lose weight and get a body I'm actually comfortable living in and it's only June. Hopefully, I will push on and I have faith in myself that I will try. For now, I leave you with the song that started it all (from the tour I actually attended) and these words; like a dream, no end and no beginning.

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