Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good Earth

One of my mother's favorite stores in India is Good Earth. We always stop by the branch in Khan Market when we're in Delhi, her more than us as she's travelled there more often (lucky), and we even had lunch there the last time we went. It's become one of my sister's and my favorite stores too and we always manage to find at least one thing we can get to spice up our rooms or homes. I think we may have most, if not all, the India-print pillowcases from their collection between the three of us. My mommy just sent me this link and I absolutely love every piece and would be quite content to have any of them in my possession.

This may or may not be appropriate, but hell, it's my blog and I can do what I want. One of my sister's good friends passed away recently and it also hit me pretty hard. I can pinpoint the location too, right in the sternum. He was in the group of boys my sister and I liked to call her Indian boys because there were about 3 of them from various parts of India and all good friends. I haven't seen him in years as he moved away, but among my sister's many friends, and groups of friends, I can clearly remember his smiling, friendly face. I wish him and his family peace and dedicate this post to him because just like these pictures, he certainly added joy and color to the lives of everyone who met him. Including the older sister of one of his buddies.

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