Sunday, June 27, 2010

These Boots Were Made For, I DON'T CARE I LOVE THEM.

I finally have a new book to read for work but it looks like the most dreary, boring, non-fiction and therefore no-nonsense, dull read and I reeeally don't want to do it. I could write up what I've been up to these last couple days (went to Brussels and came back in less than 24 hours but they were the busiest, most wired 24 hours I've had in a long while), but that would involve "real" writing and I'm balking at that too. So I got to thinking about winter, specifically, winter boots. Yes, I realize summer has just officially started and while I am taking advantage of it and going swimming and trying not to get too angry at the heat, I can't help but wish for cooler weather already. Fall is my favorite season even though it's sometimes the most melancholy time of year.

I've been needing a pair of black leather boots for a good long while now. I've had various black boots but they've usually been suede and though they look nice and don't cost a lot, Boston snow and salted streets make them last perhaps 2 years at most. While I was on (my favorite shoe website. They have everything. And, they have EVERYTHING. Oh and free shipping and 365 days return policy) I found a pair. I'm a flat, no-heels kind of girl, especially in winter when I have a tendency to land on my ass at the slightest bit of ice, but I basically fell in love with these shoes. They only had my size left, and one pair at that, and since they were marked down Lucky Brand and not some crappy brand I'd never heard of, I dithered for two days and finally bought them. The return policy sealed the deal, really. I had them shipped to Boston because I'm in Istanbul but since they allow a whole year to return items, I could just try them on when I got back and if for some reason (please, please no) they weren't right, I can send them back and be reimbursed fully.

But I looove them. The heel isn't too high and it's a wedge heel which I have recently started to really like, the soles are reinforced, it's a pretty black which sets off the wooden wedge heel so nicely and I can wear it with everything. I'm itching to go back home and try them on.

And on a completely different note, why is Smallville still on? Who watches it, really? I would tune in every once in a while and I don't know anyone who is too faithful to it, how is it at season 9?! It's on TV right now and apparently Clark Kent now works at the Daily Planet. Isn't it time to retire it since that's the old Superman series' territory?

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