Saturday, June 12, 2010

Impressive Instant

When I'm back home in Istanbul, I usually have to get dressed up and attend events throughout the summer. I'd like to think I make myself look quite presentable (for the opening of the Istanbul International Music Festival I wore a gold dress! I'll have to recreate that look as it was one of my best/favorites) so here is one hurriedly taken photo right before I left for another evening out yesterday. I recently got my hair cut and my Cruella DeVille streaks given a boost and this was one of the few times I had worn my hair straight for an event. My dress was a short-sleeved black on black polka-dot mod-inspired dress from Mango from a couple seasons back and the necklace I paired it with was one I found at Aldo with 18 different colored strands of stones.

My shoes, my fantastic shoes which made my legs look so, so long and toned, were a gift from my aunt. I'm 5'5' more or less and these heels were a good 5 inches but with the platform they were so comfortable to walk in. They're the first pair of heels I didn't feel like a foal just learning to walk in as well as the first pair that didn't give me any blisters or scratches or anything. This is kind of a big deal as I have such sensitive skin, especially on my feet, that the slightest bit of discomfort will quickly become a huge pain in my ass. And foot.

My other jewelry consisted of the simple stones I wear in my ears almost all the time (I have 10 piercings and rarely change them except the first two when I wear dangly earrings), my neon orange/pomegranate blossom watch and a bracelet and ring I also picked up, coincidentally, in Aldo. I don't really shop there much but I always stop by as there is a store so close to where I live and every once in a while I find cheap but irresitibaly fun pieces like this elephant ring I'm sort of in love with and my Hindu deities bracelet. I took the photos of the latter objects just before writing this entry which is why I'm in my comfy Misfits shirt in the pictures. God I love this ring. It's huge and loud and so me. The store clerk even said he could see me wearing it when I bought it and he doesn't even know me! It's shiny and an elephant, I'm quite content.

The bracelet has five parts to it.

The Borusan Philharmonic Orchestra performed with world renown pianist Lang Lang and since we were the sponsors we got to sit in the front row and secretly wave at the orchestra members we knew. Lang Lang played very well and I'm no expert but I'd say he's a pretty terrific piano player, especially at age 27. After the show, my mom went to congratulate everyone and we hung back but we told my little cousin to go with her. She's been playing the piano since she was 11, 5 years now, and apparently when she told Lang Lang he high-fived her! Isn't that the cutest thing?
It was also my mommy's 51st birthday so when we got back, we had a late dinner at home and made her blow out a candle on a cake my grandmother had sent over earlier in the day. We were all in our pajamas watching Frasier and eating warmed up food at 11:30 pm. and it was just a nice moment. My mom and I tend to have pretty terrible birthdays so I was happy we could give her a good one (though, we did take her to Venice last year so she really can't complain about her birthdays anymore!)

Today was the opening of a new art exhibit at the Music House and if you're in Istanbul (doubtful but hey, maybe someone secretly reading this is!) please do check it out. I'm going to try to get photos but some of the installations are truly so original and beyond marvelous, they deserve to be seen in person. It's called MADDE-IŞIK/ MATIERE-LUMIERE/ MATTER-LIGHT and some of my favorites included a piece that combined light and sound vibrations to show patterns in water, and a 3-D photography exhibit where you climbed aboard a makeshift "car" and guided yourself through various locations in Turkey by pushing the buttons and steering the car (3-D glasses and imagery made it seem like you were actually driving and exploring the landscapes).

We also ran into our old friend Mercan Dede (whom I've talked about here) who was in town visiting and he's actually doing a performance piece combined with a reading by Elif Safak, the writer of The Forty Rules of Love; A Tale of Rumi, (which I wrote about here) in Brussels on the 25th and my mom and I might be going!

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  1. 1) Love the new layout.

    2) Want those shoes. Why do we wear such different sizes? I can't borrow them?

    3) I found a really nice pedicure place.

    4) Come home soon, I miss you.


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