Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Movin' on up, MOVIN' ON UP

You know what's fun? Decorating. It is absolutely my favorite part of moving in to a new place and since I've moved in and out of various apartments and dorms no less than twelve times in the last seven years, I kind of like to think I know what I'm talking about. Picking out artwork, hanging up posters and frames, arranging furniture to best suit company and provide ultimate TV watching, I love it. The actual moving part gives me panic attacks but once that's past, it's sweet bliss. I've only been in my current apartment for a year but my parents recently invested in property in Boston so it seems stupid to keep paying rent and so, come August 7, I shall be in a new apartment. I won't have to go very far though, the new place is two floors below my place. Yup, it's in the same building. Thank God, I don't think I could handle another major move by myself. As it is, I have my work cut out for me. This is my first "grown-up" apartment, that is, it has a guest room and enough storage that I don't need to keep living out of plastic storage boxes from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Of course, my first thought was, "How to decorate the beautiful guest room?!" I have more than little bit of Monica from Friends' OCD, I may have mentioned. It's a little daunting if I stop to think about all I have to do. It's a little heart-attack inducing if I stop and think about prices and cost. But I need to buy a pretty big bulk of stuff as if I was moving in anew. I have been living off Ikea and local home store stuff for a while. Hell, I've never even had a dining room table, never had room for it, and usually ate perched in the kitchen or in front of the TV on the coffee table. This apartment has room and basically requires all that, not to mention I have strict orders not to get any "crap." I'll deal with that when I finally get back to the States but for now, I did a little bit of online browsing at my favorite outlets for kitschy artsy odds and ends, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters and found some stuff that was pretty irresistible.

From the top left going right:
I always like small, shag rugs made of jersey with different colors. Right now, the ones I have are in tones of green but I love the blue and grey shades of this one.

I am a Super Mario nut. I will probably actually buy these decals and hang them up in the bathroom or somewhere very visible.

It's a Ganeshji tapestry! Sure it's not authentic, I mean it is UO, but the long tapestry-like thing I have is used as a shawl (my mommy got it for me from Varanassi and it is filled with vermin holes but it is pink with red sketches of various deities) so this could be a good alternate for something to display. All my kitchen stuff is either Ikea or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. While BBB is pretty long-lasting, I need to start replacing all my dishes and glasses because not only have they dwindled in numbers (my boyfriend and I tend to drop things), some of them have gotten really old. What better way to inject my heavy metal into my kitchen than a guitar spatula?

As everyone knows, I love me some elephants and this candle holder is just too cute. I love candles and scent-y things as well and usually have incense lit and have many unused little candles so I would necessarily count this as a frivolous spend should I go for it...right?

Moving on, I need light. Darkness, much as I hate the sun, is not good for my mental state and though the new place is blessed with sunlight, there's never any harm in extra lighting like this birdcage chandelier or the happy Buddha table lamp. I love the Buddha one especially.

Right above it is a fainting couch. Okay, I've secretly always wanted one and though they're not good for really anything, this is my imaginary decorating spree and I shall have it. Especially since it has that damask/filigree fabric which is one of my favorite patterns. The bedding is just a simple, but very pretty, poppy print on white.

Bedding is what I always think about first when I'm re-doing rooms and right now, I'm quite happy with my room and I don't want to change it especially since my bedcover was bought with money given to me as a git from my great-aunt. But hey! I have another bedroom to decorate! Hooray! I wouldn't buy this online without seeing it in person first but it's certainly along the lines of what I'm thinking of.

Like I said before, I need to slowly replace my kitchen wares and that includes plates. Back on the far left, this peacock set caught my eye because as many know, I have a thing for peacocks. Hate the actual birds but I'm a sucker for their superficial beauty.

And last but not least, a Chinese takeout container shaped trash. Come on, we are talking about the leaders in quirk, indulge me with this amazing receptacle for garbage.


  1. I wish you were here so we could decorate together! I am slowly piecing together the lovely things I want as well, and you have now inspired me to do a blog entry on it. So far I have a bed spread from IKEA and a bed I want to buy from IKEA. Oh, and some photos I bought off Etsy. I think I need help.

  2. Heh all I have are new posters and pictures I have to frame.

  3. oh leyla! i love the pics. i shall live vicariously through your decorating since i have no business decorating my place until new roomies are in. ps. i have decided that since i love all the india styled things you ever put up on here that i need to go to india. come with?

  4. Definitely! My family is already planning the next trip, just come join us. I promise, we're really fun to travel with. We do the touristy stuff without getting too annoying about it and then the rest of the time we split between what everyone wants to do which is eat, shopping, more sightseeing, eat, eat and more eats.

  5. that sounds so awesome! and i love doing all of those things. (however, i may require riding and or snuggling with an elephant... just saying)


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