Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fashion! Turn to the left...

I know, I know, I keep saying I want to start a fashion blog but I just don't have the discipline to update with an outfit photo everyday like the awesome ladies I follow. They're really inspirational and make me wish I could do it but I don't think I can wangle that. Getting dressed is also a matter of inspiration for me. Some days I got it and some days, eh not so much. Plus, the last thing I want is to be photographed these days so I'm more likely to break a camera rather than smile for it. But, it's one of the tasks on my list and I would like to give something back to the bloggers I follow in return for the excellent daily readings they provide me with so I will get to it at some point and maybe keep it up as a once in a while thing rather than all the time. For now, here's an outfit I have planned for summer and one for when it gets cooler because I want to play with Polyvore and I love fall/winter and am already missing cold weather clothes. Damn the heat and humidity, I want my coats and scarves back. yes, I am odd like that. I just really hate hot weather.

I recently felt yearnings for that classic metal staple; the studded denim vest. My boyfriend supports my whims so he surprised me with the vest, it's a cropped Levis classic and is quite snug and flattering and I did the rest. The backpatch came down to a fight between a classic Motorhead patch or the viking metal band Ensiferum. In the end Ensiferum won out because I have fond memories of seeing them in Boston for free as I covered the New England Metal Festival for a magazine, and then riding on the Chinatown bus to NY with my Elliot and spending the weekend together with our best friend Rob and his family and seeing them again at the House of Blues. Motorhead will have to wait.

I had to put this Iron Maiden, Seventh Son... patch in the front because, well do I really need to explain? It's my Iron Maiden, I had the space, it's my first and favorite Maiden record, and the logo IS PINK.

Paired with the girly dress and the summer update of Converse sneakers, we have a pretty me outfit. Recently I keep picking that nail polish color when I get a manicure (and I thought it was an amazing coincidence that it was from OPI's India Collection and called Monsooner or Later) and I have this watch which is more pinky orange in real life than the picture and I've never really done this color but I feel it's summery, for me at least. And there you have it; girly, hints of metal and India, comfy shoes, and I'd probably even more jewelry-fy it and voila, classic me outfit when I'm feeling it.

I splurged and got this Obesity and Speed sweatshirt as a sort of, "Hooray I am an official paid reader," reward for me (oh yeah, my internship ended and they've kept me on and now pay me per book). I love Obesity and Speed but managed to keep myself to only buying one t-shirt but I loved the image on this sweatshirt and after they sent me the free tote with it on it, I had to. My love of 80s heavy metal also lends itself to fashion sometimes because I can't help but like acid-wash, skin-tight jeans. This grey version kept calling to me. I don't have that elephant bangle, but I have several of the same ilk from India and I can't help but add some little India-love into every inspired outfit (and elephant love as I adore them) as well as metal-love with the Piece of Mind Vans. Chanel nail polishes are kind of crappy quality, despite the brand name, but I love this deep blue that actually is much darker on my nails and is a winter staple for me. Simple H&M t-shirt for some layering, and scarf for that little extra warmth needed when it's still not cold enough for full-on jackets and coats (fine, and I just love shawls and scarfs in general anyway), and this is a classic cold-weather uniform for me. The scarf, earrings and other jewelry will probably be switched up but I have a feeling this combination in particular will be heavily in rotation this year.


  1. I just fell in love with that dress - I had never even seen it on Modcloth... I am having a very difficult time NOT purchasing it.

  2. Me too. I kept saying noo, I have too many white tunics I can sub for it and I even have lacy one but then I was like dammit, I'm never gonna win this fight and bought it. But it was my first ever purchase from Modcloth. And I also got the peacock tights but the dark blue colored ones. Heh, it's for the winter when I can't have bare legs and show my tattoos!

  3. ahhhhh! i want that bracelet! where is it from? also lots of pretty things in this entry (and i know i am a few days late reading... but i am slowly catching up!)

  4. My sister got it in India but I managed to find the same one here in Turkey. If I wander back to the place I got it, I shall try to find you one too as I know you have as much elephant love as we do.

  5. thank you. you are too wonderful. hoooray! if you are successful, i shall gives you monies for it!


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