Monday, August 9, 2010

You pull the trigger of my... LOVE GUUUUN.

Augh, it has been a busy few days.

On Friday, Egg and I arrived in Boston around 8 pm. I realized, in Germany where our connecting flight was, that I'd forgotten her papers in Istanbul so I was definitely holding my breath as we walked by the customs guards. I put her case on the cart and hoped they'd just think it was another bag and we sailed right through. Not that they've really stopped me before, the one other time I traveled back with Egglet they just asked to see her, checked her eyes to make sure she was healthy, and didn't do much but glance at her papers. But, I didn't want to risk it. Good news for us but bad news for America; I could've been carrying a rabid zombie psycho cat that was hellbent on destruction and no one would've been the wiser. But a rabid zombie psycho cat probably would've made a fuss unlike my Eggalita who just kind of sat there watching the world. She was such a good girl. Except, she got bored or fed up or something near the end of the trip because the last couple hours she kept trying to dig herself out of her case. She mewed and pawed so much I finally had to unzip the case and hold her a bit (without letting the stewardesses see that she was out). I popped her back in after fixing her blankets but she wasn't having any of it. But other than that, she just quietly slept all the way back.

The airport was a mess in Istanbul and the crowd and heat and the slow movement of the passport control line finally made me snap at the guy working. I felt bad but come on, an hour waiting in line to get through passport control is ridiculous. It wasn't the official's fault and I do regret taking it out on him but our airport needs to wake up and get moving. There is no need to have empty control booths and no air conditioning.

Elliot arrived from Austin Texas, where his work has sent him for the next month and a half, about an hour after I did and after he cuddled and said his hellos to Miss Egg (and vice versa, she went running to him meowing in this hilarious scratchy voice that made her sound like an old lady), he sent a message off to one of our friends casually inquiring what he and the others were up to. We tried not to give away too much and when we showed up at their door there was plenty of excited cheering. And this was a huge ego boost; there was an even louder bellow when I walked in after him. I've missed my friends and I can't even begin to describe how delighted they made me when they each personally told me how good happy they were I was back.

We watched a movie and ended up at a new bar which was kind of hipster central but not as bad as our old bar. Better music too, Queen was played. At around midnight Elliot noticed I was falling asleep in my chair (at this point I'd been awake for exactly 24 hours, I didn't sleep on either plane), so we said our good-byes and left. There was a pretty cartoony thump when I finally got home and passed out on my bed.

Oh, the reason I didn't sleep on the plane? I was too busy watching the best movie ever; How to Train Your Dragon. It is probably the best Dreamworks animated movie. The main dragon called Toothless the Night Fury reminded me of Egg and all the characters and creatures were just amazing. Elliot didn't want to beleve it surpassed Kung Fu Panda, his Dreamworks movie of choice. I admit, it's a pretty close tie. Heh, as Elliot put it, it's so obvious what our tastes are; he likes martial arts and weird animals so he goes with Kung Fu Panda while I love mythology and weird animals so I get How to Train Your Dragon. But come on! Animated Vikings punching dragons and then having them as pets!

Saturday morning, my darling boyfriend and I lazed around the house and played with our little kitty. The previous animated movie discussion propelled us to buy Kung Fu Panda so we had our customary before concert meal of Thai food while watching it. Oh yes, concert. The doors were ridiculously early so we set off around 4 to catch the commuter rail up to Mansfield to see... KISS!

God, it was such a good show. So. Good. It was everything you expect from a KISS show. Explosions and fire and blood and I reviewed it for MetalSucks so you can go ahead and read it here. I think it merits it's own post too though, so I'll save it for later.

It was a weirdly family-oriented show, so many parents with their kids, so we didn't think we could really hitchhike back. Calm down, I don't mean standing at the side of the road with out thumbs out. At another Mansfield show, Judas Priest, Elliot and I ddn't have a ride back (my cousin had dropped us off and the commuter rail stopped at some stupdly early hour like 10 pm) so we stood in the parking lot yelling/asking if anyone was going back to Boston. A nice couple gave us a ride back. They were so weird though. She had a thing for sprinklers and after they dropped us off they made plans to go run through them, while he was a hippie who didn't like metal, who went to a Judas Priest show. Nice couple, just odd. Anyway, we didn't think families with kids would voluntarily pick up strangers so we took a 70$ cab ride back to Boston and for the second night in a row, I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Sunday, since Elliot was leaving early in the afternoon, we decided to go have some Indian food at our pace, India Quality. I don't know why but we always end up there right before one of us gets on a plane. My diet wasn't strictly followed this weekend but I wasn't too bad and right now I'm trying to stick to it as best as I can. I have fruits and veggies and salad and I just need to get my body used to be being back in Boston because I know I'm retaining water; I feel heavier if that makes sense. But, my dietician allowed Indian food so I just didnt have the bread which is a big deal for me. Turkish/Iranian girl who loves Indian food not eating naan? Unheard of.

It was a little sad saying bye-bye to my Elliot but I'll see him soon. At least he's only one timezone away and still in the same country. This was the most fun weekend I've had in a long time and I'm really happy he came up, it wouldn't have been the same without him. This week has been so busy so far, and it's only Tuesday. I went to the apartment walk-through and closing, took measurements, got all the new furniture settled for the new place, arranged movers, contacted a painter and floor buffer, got in touch with a cleaning service, arranged electricity transfers of service as well as cable, contacted landlady about problems in the current apartment and assured my bank my identity hadn't been stolen due to the sudden increase of activity on my card. I even managed to get to the gym today! I cheated a bit with dinner because I'm not supposed to mix carbohydrates and meat and I had (whole wheat) spaghetti and meatballs, but I kept the portion small.

I'm getting a little paranoid and nervous about my whole diet issues because it's beyond just losing weight. After all those tests and countless tubes of drawn blood, and even a thyroid x-ray (it's in the throat. I don't know why I never knew that but your thyroid is in your throat) my doctor said I had the beginnings of diabetes and my thyroid was not working properly. I had a couple of setback this week; didn't eat quite as well as I should have and had maybe too many sugary things because EVERYTHING has sugar in it. Though I probably shouldn't have sneaked a couple of Gummi Bears. Sugar is now my sworn enemy and I can't have it unless it's naturally in fruit and even then I have to have nuts like almonds or hazelnuts with it so my system doesn't go crazy. I lost almost 4 kilos in a month at home and I just don't want my efforts to go to waste, as well as my health. But by being careful and going to the gym I think I'll manage.

The next week will be more packing up and moving and getting new apartment stuff organized. Tomorrow I'm going to start packing up the books and movies and my clothes and try to sort out all the itty bitty junk stuff (I have two of those stacked drawer sets filled with junk) and organize/get rid of it. Right now I'm relaxing on my couch with my kitty curled up so close, her butt is squished on me and watching Dazed and Confused. It's kind of fitting well with this post with the amount of classic rock, including KISS, songs it has. I like it a lot though it makes me nostalgic for a time and events I've nothing to do with. Trying to get laid while partying the summer before your freshmen (or senior depending on the characters) in the '70s? Yeah, not me. Here's some tumblr inspiration since this is a pretty long, all-text post.

Bizarro (bottom half of) me, and Egglet?

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