Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hooray this is my 100th post! 100 different times I've sat down and wrote about 100 (or more) different thoughts and events. The title comes from a KISS song so what better to celebrate a milestone on my music-inspired (Madonna? Hello? Keep up.) blog than writing about music?

I wanted to to have a separate entry about the KISS show because it was such a fun and wonderful time. My Elliot came up from Austin to accompany me to it and more than just fulfilling his boyfriendly duties, it was a an extremely fun time with my best friend. When the show started with the flames and explosions he pulled me into a hug and said he secretly had always wanted to see KISS. Which is when I exclaimed that I had to. We both like some KISS songs here and there and though Detroit Rock City is my favorite moie, it's more because of all the other music in it and the theme of the plot that I love it, not becaue it involves KISS. But seeing them live is definitely a bucket list thing to do. The pure show of it all was breath-taking. It's obvious how well rehearsed they are but they make it look so spontaneous and fun. Sure Paul Stanley's strutting and cat-calling is nothing new, and everyone expects Gene to spit blood and spit fire but when they did do all those things, the crowd, including us, went crazy. They know what they have to do and they don't spare any energy or enthusiasm in delivering it.

And the flying! There was so much flying. Gene flew up above the stage into the rafters by the lights to perform a song while glaring, Paul flew out into the audience to sing a song from among us, and the Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, though not as big stars, had plenty of gravity-defying movements happening underneath them. The second guitarist and drummer were raised up and down on-stage so they could have their moments too and the backdrop and screens flashed the entire time with occasional glimpses of past KISS shows. I seriously jumped every time there was an explosion. Okay, not every time but several times.

During the encores Paul Stanley, the singer, paused to commend all the families there. There truly were so many parents with their kids and the kids were legitimately happy to be there. One girl behind me corrected her dad on a KISS song and a little boy in front of my stood on his chair, clapped, screamed, sang, and raised the devil horns all throughout the show. When the young KISS Army was applauded on-stage, the boy's dad lifted him up so everyone could cheer. That kid will probably never, ever forget that night. He's a KISS fan for life. Haha, what little boy wouldn't be? All those explosions and BOOMS and fire and other pyrotechnics.

There was a small presentation during the encores as well. One dollar from every ticket sold was donated to a fund that helped men and women coming home from duty to get back on their feet. Of course, when there's a group of Americans and the slightest mention of country the chanting of, "USA, USA, USA," will undoubtedly ensue (rolls eyes). But, I have to say this wasn't just another instance of blowing steam up the military's ass. They made a good point about the people who came back broken physically and spiritually and how they were greeted by a government that didn't know how to treat them. That's a cause I can support. I'm glad I could help, in a tiny way, this fund and they raised over $90,000 that night.

I don't think I would've had as much fun at this show with anyone else. Well, my little sister and cousins are a blast to to go to concerts with too but they weren't here. My boyfriend is a music dork just like me and we get goosebumps and awed just being in the same area as one of our bands. I went to Judas Priest, Van Halen, and AC/DC with him as well as Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper and we'll probably always go to shows and in the immortal words of KISS, "rock 'n' roll all niiii-iiight," together. Even when we're 85 and deaf and can barely move, we'll be out there croaking out the words. Pending all our bands are alive.

Blackberry camera is so terrible compared to my Turkish Nokia.

EDIT: Happy birthday to my beautiful kuzen Beril!

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