Saturday, August 7, 2010

Don't want to kiss, don't want to touch, just smoke one cigarette and hush

I don't know if anyone outside my family does this but when we love, love, love a song, we will play it non-stop over and over again, days on end. Then we'll get sick of it but return back to the routine a day later. I've burned myself off so many songs that way but after I suck every bit of life I can out of it, I always come back months later and most remain among my top favorites. Right now the two songs I'm alternating between are Tarkan- Öp and Lady Gaga- Alejandro. Tarkan's song is obvious why, especially after last weekend but honestly, it confused me to that I like Lady Gaga. Logically, she's everything I don't like in music/artists; faux edginess and art school hipsterism combined to deliberately cause controversy with songs that aren't anything to write home about. But... she's SO damn catchy and I just appreciate her aesthetic. She's not boring. Doesn't even come close to Madonna, as some seem to think, but she's working an industry to her liking and making a name for herself, and a shit-ton of money so good for her. And she also got to make out with the Swedish Sunset (S)triplets* and Alexander Skarsgaard in her videos so there's that bit of envy. Oh, that's another thing. She makes music videos. They have stories and budgets and set-ups and scenes. She makes them mini-movies which is what they ought to be. Actually, that might be the biggest thing. She's a pop star in the truest sense of the word. She doesn't spare anything when it comes to her image whether it be a concert, a video, or a public appearance.

*Guess which one is Gaga!

Here are my sister's pictures from the Tarkan show as well as the video for, "Alejandro," which is excellent. It's so weird and sexual and she's so androgynously ugly that it basically is modern art; no one gets it. She does draw a lot of inspiration from Madonna though, that much is clear.

Lady Gaga - Alejandro
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Bonus, "Paparazzi," video because mmm Alexander Skarsgaard.

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
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