Monday, August 30, 2010

The show is over and everyone died/I didn't understand it but I tried.

Ah The Emmy Awards. Awards shows always make me wistful and wishful. They make me wish I was living and working in L.A. But it's only when I watch them, otherwise I'm okay with where I am. Watching them makes me go down the dangerous path of, "What if..."

Maybe someday. But for now, I cheer for Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family who fervently thanked the writers for, "Giving [him] the words."

On a different note: sometimes I wish fervently I could be at these shows because some actors/actresses definitely need new stylists and I'd be up for that job. Some of these looks are just awful. I love you Christina Hendricks but we get it, you have large breasts. There are better colors and styles to flatter them.

But there are some excellent choices as well, thank God.


  1. really what happened to christina hendricks..she is such a style icon on the show and i love joan..but she went totally wrong here.

  2. I know! Lately her red carpet looks have been kind of, well, bad. She has such a beautiful face and figure that it should be easy to make her look flawless.

  3. Ahha, "some actors/actresses definitely need new stylists and I'd be up for that job" çıkışını çok cesur ve yerinde buluyorum :D Seçimlerin de süper gerçekten, olur senden evet, inanıyorum :) Ah, açıp adam akıllı bakmaya fırsatım bile olmadı!!! Neyse CNBCE tekrarını verir sanırım burada :)

  4. Evet bende hep Istanbul'dayken CNBCE de seyrediyorum her odul torenini. Hele Oscar lar olunca sabahin 5ine kadar oturuyordum!


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