Friday, August 27, 2010

It's (Almost) My Party...

My birthday is coming up so I decided to indulge myself and get a couple presents. These were from me to me though, haha. My aunt and various other family members usually give me money and I spend a little of it and deposit the rest but that's a on-the-day-of tradition I follow. I usually set off on the day and get myself something and then call them and thank them for my gift! This happens when I'm in the States and they're not with me though. This year, I'll have my parents and sister here the week before and my boyfriend the weekend and day of but I'm sure at some point during the day, I'll uphold the tradition. For now, this is my birthday gifted items.

Forever 21 isn't really somewhere I shop a lot because we don't have one in Boston and I tend to want to see the things I buy beforehand. But, I've browsed the website on occasion and have found cute, cheap dresses. This one is in the same cut and style as another one I have but I loved the colors and pattern.

Wedges have been really in style lately and I never was a big fan of them but constant viewings and watching how others pull them off have made me start to love them. These are higher heels than I normally ever wear (I'm a strictly no-heel kind of girl with my Converse, Iron Maiden Vans, or any kind of boots staple footwear) but I've been eyeing a similar pair in a store by my house and after seeing them on a couple more websites (Forever 21, ugh but they didn't have it) I figured I'd just go for it and get a pair of wedges that would last unlike the crap H & M makes. Jeffrey Campbell tends to rip off everyone under the sun but these were exactly the shape I wanted; not too boxy and with a clear line between the shoe and the heel/platform.

I always try not to excited about my birthday, I mean it's not like I did much except stubbornly refuse to come out on the given day and waited until Friday the 13th, but the anticipation just creeps up. And then I have a shitty day and get all sad especially when a certain cousin doesn't call (two years straight, let's see if we can make it three). But eh, I shouldn't complain. I have my health (ish), I have friends and a lot of family either near-by or willing to be, and it should be a nice day. Not WHOA AMAZING, but nice. I appreciate nice.


  1. Elbise gerçekten çok güzelmiş, tabanlı botlar da leopar seviyorsan süper... Ben E-bay'den almıştım siyah, çok çok rahat, ama tabi E-bay'den Çin'den filan alınca inanılmaz kalitesis oluyor, su deymeye görsün, hemen çekiveriyor, bot dediğin yağmurda giyilmez mi? O nedenle F21'ın siyahları daha da içime dokunuyor... Ama konuya dönersem :D Eğer normalde topuklu giymiyorsan, bu tür taban çok iyi bir geçiş sağlıyor, spor ayakkabı gibi, tavsiye ederim! Ama önemli bir nokta daha var, şu önündeki kalkıklık, ne kadar kalkık olursa, yokuş aşağı inmek o kadar zor oluyor, o nedenle mağazada bir tur atmanı da tavsiye ederim... Uykum kaçtı da, yazdıkça yazıyorum :)

  2. Yaz, yaz hep okurum ben. Gelince artik apartmanda bir tur atariz olmazsa geri gonderirim. Amerika'da olmanin bir iyisi de bu.

    Bende bazi geceler pek uyuyamiyorum, o saatlerde blog okurum :)


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