Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It's been a little past 7 months since I started this blog and I thought it might be a good idea to go back and see how far I've come on the project. The completed tasks are preceded with a (X).

(X) Task 1: Plan out the project.
(X) Task 2: Have a Madonna dress-up day and get this thing going.
(X) Task 3: The "sex" talk. Because no Madonna project is complete without some racy stuff.
( ) Task 4: Audition for something, anything.
( ) Task 5: Get the fashion blog aspect of the blog going (I have started integrating fashion stuff but need to do the daily outfits posts that are so popular on blogs. Because I can definitely match them).
(X) Task 6: Beliefs, faith, "God," talk. "Like a prayer, I'll take you there."
( ) Task 7: Write my book.
( ) Task 8: Design my t-shirt.
(X) Task 9: Conquer Egglet and her claws. I did, kind of.
( ) Task 10: Teach myself Hindi.
(X) Task 11: Get into a healthy exercise program.
(X) Task 12: Go back to India.
( ) Task 13: Learn to tie a sari.
( ) Task 14: Watch 8 Miles High, the life of Uschi Obermaier (another inspirational, amazing woman)
( ) Task 15: Have a "mod," day.
( ) Task 16: Karaoke timez. Ugh.
(X) Task 17: Do something with Borusan Kultur and Sanat. The program may not have worked out but I did contribute music to another event and maybe something will come of it when I get back.
(X) Task 18: Horsey times. May not have ridden it but did spend time with my daddy and Lulu his other baby.
( ) Task 19: Write a new script.
( ) Task 20: Edit existing scripts.
(X) Task 21: Write a series of kids books about Egglet. I started her blog (Like A Mews) and I will continue that and eventually turn it into a book.
(X) Task 22: Get involved with helping others.
(X) Task 23: Embrace my joy of dancing. Belly dancing classes start September 15.
(X) Task 24: Dressed up night on the town. Did it one better; went to a movie premiere.
( ) Task 25: Go to a gay bar!
(X) Task 26: Warhol print/Madonna artwork for my new place.
(1/2 X ) Task 27: Read Anna Karenina and various other classics.
(X) Task 28: Learn to drive.
(X) Task 29: DIY my metal shirts. Finish vest and get going on the new one.
(X) Task 30: Watch Drowned World and various other Madonna concert films. Just Sticky & Sweet left.
( ) Task 31-100 - Adopt air of Madonna; go confidently forward and find out what my life is supposed to be.

Hmm. It's the big tasks, the writing ones, that I need to really get going on. That's a little disappointing. I invented this project to motivate me to do those things first and foremost. I don't consider this a waste of 7 months but I do hope to have made more than a dent in the remaining tasks by January, when this project is a year old.

That's my deadline. By the end of January, I want to be mostly done with this project, especially the writing tasks. That gives me a little over five months. I started this blog on January 15 but I'll set the date for the 31st. It's going to be hard, five months is not a long time to take on writing projects but I've always worked fast and well and on a different level than other people so I can probably do it.

I'll be turning 25 on September 13th. I would like to have materials worth submitting to Gersh by January, one year after I started working for them. I have high hopes for my 25th year, I hope I won't let me down.

Looking back though, I can remember exactly when and how I started this project. How lost and sad I was and how silly me thought 100 tasks in 100 days was poetic enough to do because I was dumb and didn't realize my tasks were not all things able to be accomplished in a day (write a freakin' book!). It's been a long time since the beginning of the year and yet, it went by really fast. So far, 2010 has been all right, barring a few glaring events, and I hope the universe will help me and all of us push it to be the best it can for the rest of the year. This is where I knock on wood and say a quick prayer wishing health and happiness to all my loved ones.


  1. you mean lead singer of dangerous toys as in jason mcmaster? haha i hang out with him all the time since he's a good friend of my bf! yep he does work at a local records store.... and he's pretty funny in person too. That dangerous toys shirt was actually given to my boyfriend (his long time good friend) by Jason himself...

  2. oh... and is your husband going to the slayer/megadeth/anthrax show coming up? :)

  3. Cool! I figured you'd have a connection there but I wanted to post a comment because I like when my worlds, no matter how non-directly they relate to me, connect in a way.

    I don't know if my boyfriend will be going to the show, I don't think he even knows there is one because all he does is work. I'll let him know though because Megadeth is one of his all-time favorite bands.


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