Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Task 26: Hung Up

I was thinking about how I should get back on the Like a Muse Project and I realized, I kind of had! I've just moved into a new apartment and as soon as I charge my camera and the rain stops making everywhere look dark and grey, I'll post pictures. One of the great things about the new place is that I now have a sort of walk-in closet. It's quite small and I still need a dresser with drawers for all my t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and other non-hanging tops, but it fits all my other clothes and isn't too cluttered. The bedroom has another closet too which I've given over to the boyfriend except he's not here so all his stuff is still packed up and away until he gets back from Austin, Texas in mid-September. Anyway, my mom got me and my sister each a Madonna 2009 calendar and I've saved it because I didn't want to throw it out even though I didn't really know what to do with it. So I picked out the four pictures I liked most and hung them up in my closet as a personal little Madonna corner. This way, it's just something small that I can see to start off my day (hopefully) all inspired and badass and my boyfriend won't have to put up with an extremely girly decorated apartment because God knows, there's enough femininity everywhere else. Hey, he needs to come hang up his own pictures and actually be here when I'm moving and decorating if he wants to have a say. Luckily, I'm not too girly; the living room will have mostly heavy metal posters, Turkish/Iranian artwork, and vintage posters of Indian/international movies but in Turkish. They're really cool actually, I already had two but I found a few more online and they're all different kinds of films (an old Godzilla, some martial arts weirdness, etc.) and a couple Indian ones but the title is in Turkish and the artwork is hand-drawn. One has an elephant charging and a leopard flying through the air with the title, "Filler Benim Arkadaşım," (elephants are my friends) starring Rajesh Khanna. Here is an example of what I'm taking about, it's not one I got though, mine are way better.

So one of my tasks was to make a Warhol-esque print of pop-art Madonna but instead, I have this. Later, I'm going to get them framed and properly hung up. I have my chameleon Madonna in pictures that aren't very famous in a place that's for my eyes only. Included are my two favorite looks of hers; "Ray of Light," and "Like a Prayer, " as well as two that I just like a lot because they're so different from her usual photos. Much better than the same image in tacky colors pretending that I know "art." I really do have to get used to using my camera though, Blackberry you're just not cutting it.

Heh, how can you tell it's my closet? Ohh maybe the Indian tunics, leopard print, and lace kind of give it away.

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