Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Muse Update

Miu Miu, other than being my dad's nickname for my cat, is the "younger" line from Miuccia Prada and apparently the A/W 2010 campaign film was directed by Madonna. Miu Miu is usually too cutesy for me but any time anything involves Madonna, I have to take a look so here it is.

miu miu Fall 2010 Campaign Movie
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She really should give up acting for good because she is more than a decent director. She directed the 2008 indie film Filth and Wisdom and despite having the typical indie pretentions, I really enjoyed it. Plus it starred Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello and I love him.

Filth And Wisdom Trailer A Film By Madonnna
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He also collaborated with her on the Sticky and Sweet Tour version of, "La Isla Bonita (Lela Pala Tute)," which I have been listening to for two years, even before it was officially released.

Madonna - La Isla Bonita (Live Earth 2007)
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She's currently directing a film about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and I'm looking forward to seeing it because the subject itself is pretty interesting and the project is all hers. As you may have noticed, I wholly support all her projects!

There are also rumors that Madonna has been offered a Las Vegas stint much like Celine Dion and Elton John; an exclusive contract to perfom a certain number of times for five years at a residence there. She'd be getting a billion dollars making her one of the third highest paid women in the world. I don't know how true this is but if does happen, I do believe it's time to re-visit Las Vegas. Heh, and this time I'm of age and legally allowed to drink, gamble, and go to strip clubs. Because we all know how much I love to do all three of those things.

I still have yet to see her clothing line in stores, only select Macy's department stores are carrying it, but the pieces I've seen just seem like Hot Topic lite for younger girls, except more tasteful. There have been complaints that the line, "sexualizes young girls," but I call bullshit. If you want your kids to remain kids get them off the internet. Don't allow them to have Facebook pages and Myspace accounts because that's what sexualizing them. It honestly disgusts me that elementary school and middle school kids spend so much time on the internet sharing every minute detail of their lives. Sure, I do to but I know the limit. This might make me sound old but Facebook came out when I was in college and was for college kids only. It made sense. Now every psycho and their inappropriately mannered mother is on it and it's a fucking waste. I've had to block someone because they kept trying to convince me they knew me yet I had no idea who they were. And all my information is private. Getting back on the subject, I'd rather a kid of mine (KNOCK ON WOOD, YUCK CHILDREN) wear this stuff than some of the other things I've seen out in the real world.

Other than that and turning 52, Madonna world is rather quiet right now. I need to get back to the project though...

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