Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick Update: Lela Pala Tute

Yeah, yeah it's almost been a month. But I have a bunch of posts planned as well as plans to slowly make this a half-fashion half-me blog. I've neglected my tasks for a bit but hey, you try reading a book a day (practically) and writing coverage on it and then attempt to write and read for fun and see how much energy you have. Also, my internship may be turning into a real job and I'm so excited, but I don't want to jinx it. I'll be back soon, probably by this weekend. So quit bugging me mom. I mean, I love you.

But the new Madonna live CD and DVD for the Sticky and Sweet Tour is out! I'm not allowing myself to watch it just yet as I have so much work to do but I couldn't help listening to the record and ohhh, best versions of, "Like a Prayer," and, "La Isla Bonita!" Especially the latter because it's a duet with Gogol Bordello and I love those crazy Romanian gypsy punks.

Also, I shall conquer looking good in jeans again. Any day now.


  1. Who is bugging you?? I mean I love you more!! You look good in everything!


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