Thursday, April 29, 2010

Task 12: Shanti/Ashtangi, Day 6

On our last two nights and one day in Delhi, we just did some more shopping and crammed ourselves full of food. The waiters at the Oberoi Hotel were pretty tickled at the gusto at which we ate their food and the chef even came out to say hello and let us fawn all over him. He was happy to give my mom his recipe for daal makhani and I discovered the delicious and medicinal effects of combining cinnamon ice cream and ginger tea (cleanses the palate and good for the stomach).

We didn't see any elephants except the butt of one walking away this year which made Mina and me a little sad. We adore elephants, love them and last year, because we were in Ranthambore, we were just swimming in all sorts of Indian animal life. Though, it was called the tiger resort and we saw oh, zero tigers. Delhi, in the last three years, has gotten so cleaned up. There are no cows wandering within the city, no hair-cutting on the streets, and barely any beggars. Though it's admirable to see how much effort is going into progressing the city, I kind of miss that, "Whoa, we're not in Istanbul," feeling we got when we first went there. But, there are always new places to see and that's the good thing about India, it's huge.

We came back home and embraced little Miss Egglet who apparently had missed me a lot judging by the way she clung to my neck and wouldn't stop nuzzling me. The flight back was uneventful because it was at 5am and consisted of me and my sister totally and completely passing out from the moment we sat down till the second the plane touched down. Though, we were awake enough to read the Turkish Airlines magazine because it had an interview with our mommy. We smuggled copies into our bags, bickered over who was edging onto the others' side, and then fell asleep. Bye, bye India, we'll be back soon.

I think I'll post some past pictures from our other trips and talk about them in future entries. It'll be fun to revisit those memories. Trips really make the best stories. Elliot and I went to Japan last year (worth another blog post maybe?) and I hope, well no, I know, I will take him to India one day. Preferably with my family so he can get the full effect. Hey, he's survived them for the past five years, as well as a trip to London, I think he can take it!

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