Thursday, April 29, 2010

Give It 2 ME!

A craigslist ad my friend forwarded to me:

Local Film production company looking to hire a screen play writer that knows about Indian culture very well ...Great opportunity to show case your talent!!!! We are making a film. Short with potential to a feature. We will be working with professionals in the industry. Only SAG actors will be hired for this job. A professional crew from NYC is aboard for this project. Film will be submitted to many film festivals around the world with big chance to bring this film to Bollywood.

I applied for it online and I called and talked to a lady in charge yesterday who said they got a lot of applicants and will be getting back to everyone who applied. She said they were looking for someone exactly like me (I mean; loves India, has a masters in screenwriting for God's sake, has been to India, has written a script that takes place in India...).

Come on universe, COME ON UNIVERSE. Help me out here. I want it.

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