Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Task 9: Live to Tell

Task 9 was to cut my cat's nails. Yeah, that's not going to happen. She is so used to seeing me as her pet instead of the other way around that she knows she can bully me and I'll still love her. We have an extremely emotionally and physically abusive relationship. My cat plays with my heart when she rubs up against others but then only let's me rub her belly sometimes. But then she'll snatch that privilege right back and maul my arms if she's had enough. We love to annoy each other and piss the other off but we always snuggle up together and my little Egg is the love of my life. She was found with her front paws declawed so whenever she tries to scratch me with her front paws, she ends up just hitting me and we have our little game where I go, "high five," and she gets annoyed and tries to eat me. She looooves to eat. Fatty loves her food. And sleeping. And she also snores and snorts and makes hg noises. She is the best, most eirdest cat ever. But I'll let the professionals take care of her nails, hell I let the professionals do mine, and I wouldn't want anything less for my baby. Plus, her claws are really long right now and she already drew blood from me on one attempt. But ah, I love her. She kisses me you know.

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