Sunday, April 11, 2010

Task 12: Shanti/Ashtangi, Day 2 (or continuing Day 1)

5:30 am at the Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi.

"Mommy I'm sleepy."
"Then you should've slept on the plane Leyla. We're going out in 4 hours, set your alarms."

Grumbling, forcing polite smiles for the annoyingly chipper and courteous bellhops and hotel security.

"Baba, where is our suitcase?"
"Mr. Singh has it."
"...Which Mr. Singh? Bahahahah."

Eyeing the distinghuished doormen with their curling moustaches and turbans.

"Yeah they have knives, Leyla."
"Okay, I'll be quiet."

In the room.

"Hey Mina, are you awake? Are you awake? Mina? Mina? Mina?"

poke, poke zzzzzzzzzz

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