Saturday, April 10, 2010

Task 12: Shanti/Ashtangi, Day 1

So back at the end of February my parents, sister, and I took our annual family vacation. We usually go around December but due to scheduling problems we had to postpone it. For the last couple of years we've always gone to different places in India because my mom fell in love with the country and everything about it and we soon followed suit. Rather than gush about how magical and wonderful and enlightening it is, and it was( I mean come on, India!), allow me to present; The Hamedis Invade India, Take 3.

Day 1:

"Have you packed yet?
"Aww Mina look! Mommy learned how to count!"
"Yayy good for Anne!"


"Mom the cat's sitting on the suitcase, I think she's trying to tell us something."

* * *
flight delayed for 40 minutes
"Mina remember last year when our flight was delayed for 9 hours?"
"Oh yeah and we watched Ghost Whisperer and Family Guy and then you passed out in the middle of Las Vegas?"
"And mom curled up like a homeless man in the lounge?"
"What if that happens again?"
"Girls? DON'T JINX IT."

We board the plane 40 minutes later.

"I have never hated any movie more than I hate this one."
"What is it?"
"All About Steve"

* * *
"So what's happening in this one?"
"Okay so this guy has a twin and they both like to live fast and play loose with the rules but then he knocked this girl up but he doesn't want to marry her but she does and then her brother is in the mob and he has to marry her because of her reputation and if not her brother will kill him I think and the other brother owes money to the same girl's brother and I think someone tried to kill someone already but I'm not sure but there's also this masked guy that appears in the dance numbers-"
"Abla that doesn't make any sense."
"Ohhhh never mind, the masked guy is a puppet.
"I love Bollywood."
"Girls, go to sleep, it's going to be 5am when we arrive."

A few hours later.

"Now they faked one brother's death but they found him on a train but I don't know how they got there because there was some more singing and dancing and the magic puppet-"
"How long is this movie!?"
"Shhh, it's sleeping time girls."

Half an hour passes by.

"Mina I'm not sleepy. Mina are you asleep?"
*poke, poke*
"Ya ablaaa stop it."
"Were you asleep?"
"Did it look like I was asleep?"
"I wasn't sure that's why I poked."

Plane lands 10 minutes later.

And so it begins!

Note: My parents are not the tyrannical monsters I seem to have protrayed them as. Comic relief and creative exaggeration for the sake of the story, you know?

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