Monday, January 25, 2010

Promise To Try Part 4

Days 31-100: Uhhh, generally adopt an air of Madonna for as long as this project takes and further? Well, not the heinous, control-obsessed bitch part of her (that I love anyway).

Shit. I ran out of stuff at 30. New plan. Count these as "tasks," and get them all done in 100 days. So, all this will be accomplished, probably not in order, by May 4, 2010. Excellent! I have a deadline. That's also around the time Elliot gets back so this works out fabulously. I start tomorrow. Huzzah. Oh, and if any of you have Madonna-related challenges that would fit this then by all means suggest away!

Enjoy amazing dark hair Madonna, my favorite Madonna, from last year's calendar, the month of September. That's right, my month.

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