Monday, January 25, 2010

Promise To Try Part 2

India was a big influence in shaping Madonna's most beautiful, in my and my family's opinion, phase. It's also a country and culture that is both so similar and so different than mine that it inspires and moves me in ways my own countries, Turkey and Iran, don't. I love my heritage but India, like my childhood love of Egypt, is something extra.

Day 11: I'm not going to be psycho yoga lady like Madonna but I do need to exercise and get in shape. So I will reattempt a consistent Pilates regimen and get all fit and maybe stop my back from hurting all the freakin' time.

Day 12: Go back to India. Hopefully our family trip will work out. Otherwise I intend to go back sometime soon. I'd prefer with my family.

Day 13: Learn to tie a sari correctly. Because it would a neat party trick.

Not all of my 100 days have to be such grandiose things.

Day 14: I love vintage groupies. Groupies from the '60s and '70s, the classic ladies of rock men. I love their clothes their attitudes, and just everything about them. I once tried to write a script about a groupie but it escalated into a completely different story. So I want to finally watch 8 Miles High, the movie about Uschi Obermaier's life. I've admired her for so long because of stuff she's done and it's time to sit down and spend some time with her. Maybe it'll even help shape a new script.

Day 15: I just want to dress like a mod one day and have the long bouncy hair I've always dreamed of. It would be fun.

"Madonna followed the success of Ray of Light with the single "Beautiful Stranger", recorded for the 1999 film Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me's soundtrack."

Day 16: As mentioned before, along with my acting aspirations, I wanted to be a rock star. I love music, I wrote for a number of music sites and magazines and I just love how it has the power to soother, incense, relax, energize and touch upon any emotion worth feeling if you're human. Too bad I can't sing. Too bad that it doesn't matter. I will get up in front of an audience and sing without embarrassment. Bring on the karaoke.

Day 17: Like I said, I love music. I want to help my mother, chairperson of the Borusan Arts and Culture, to help create a music program of music I enjoy listening to. She and he co-workers had the idea and I want to make sure it does happen and that I do contribute.

"Madonna released her eighth studio album, Music in September 2000. The album hit number-one position in more than 20 countries worldwide, and sold 4 million copies in the first 10 days."

Day 18: Ride a horse. I have not ridden since I was little and I'm not much of a horse person. But my dad has a horse and it's one of his greatest loves, horseback rding, and it would be a nice little thing to do together.

"Madonna and Guy Ritchie married in Scotland." After which Madonna adopted England as her home and tried to fit the role of English country lady, all set with a clipped accent and horse-riding accidents.

Day 19: Write a new script. How do I expect to do anything in Hollywood/LA with no products to fence? Commit my new idea to paper/computer and finally have a new script.

Day 20: Edit and make presentable my previous scripts so I have a body of work I'm proud to show off and send to people.

"Later that year, Madonna performed the song "Hollywood" with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards."

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