Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Into the Groove

The universe is already delivering! See, ladies and gentlemen, I made a deal and it went something like this:

Dear Universe,

How are you? Hope you're doing well. Good job on existing for millions of years, boy, that must take some effort. I'm only 24 and some days I just don't want to get out of bed but you, you just keep chugging along, creating galaxies and planets and exploding stars. Really admire your work ethic. Anyway, I have this favor. I'm going to leave L.A. and run away and make the choice of quitting the program but in return you have to make me see it's worth it and teach me not to regret my decisions, okay? Keep being the wonderful, infinite thing that you are and take special care of Earth, it's kind of my favorite one of your creations.

Leyla Hamedi

I admit, I did have regrets. Watching the Golden Globes there was no way of fooling myself otherwise; I love the business of making and writing movies and I do, someday, want to contribute to it. But I'm already 24 and I don't know if it's too late (well, certainly to star in my own films. It's okay, Megan Fox can play me. It's weird, she has a bitch face, she annoys everyone, and by all accounts she should irritate the hell out of me but I just love her). It's times like this that I metaphorically bang my head against the wall and call myself every foul name in the book and some I make up myself i.e. stupid cocking bitch of a fuckhead. But, today as I was walking down the street, I got told I had a very good aura. I know lady, it's because I'm working on getting in sync with the universe, but I appreciate you noticing. Then, I got an email from one of the places I was supposed to intern at in Los Angeles. It was by far my favorite place, a literary agency, and the girl I was in contact with asked me if I was still interested. I was confused, I had already informed them I wasn't staying in the program but we worked out a way for me to intern for them and read books and provide coverage online. AAAAAAHHH! HAHAHAH SUCK IT LA PROGRAM. Thank you universe, as always you are a wise and knowing entity that makes everything work out

On a sad note, boyfriend left today. He has a big important job, very impressive at 25 (yes, I have an older man, weep away women, he is just so mature. Fart jokes are the height of sophistication, don't you know? Well I think they're funny and that's why we're perfect together), that makes him go to far away lands where things habitually explode. I won't see him until May but I went and spent a few days with him in Virginia before he set off. I love you sweetie pie, aren't you sad you're missing my 100 days of crazy?

However, when I landed in Boston, "Cherish," by Madonna was playing and it cheered me quite a bit. Thank you universe, I do cherish the thought of always having you, here by my side.

Give me faith
Give me joy
My boy
I will always cherish you.

Okay enough with the mushy bullcrap. God, I'm half tempted to delete that. I sound like an emo teenager writing bad song fanfiction. Anyway, I have officially started my 100 days of Like A Muse. Tattoo healing nicely, hair looks good, and I'm wearing a cute new little outfit right now. Well, technically I'm in my pajamas (Betty Boop sweatpants and a Whitesnake t-shirt with a naked lady on'em, oh yeah) but I have worn them and I have an '80s-ish sweatshirt dress to wear tomorrow because no one pulls off acid wash like I do. I'm going to start organizing my Madonna timeline and getting it in line with all the goals I have in mind that I keep saying I will do but never get around to. Sometimes, like now, my updates won't be in tune with the project. It'll be me just babbling/writing but I'll still stick to Madonna titles because I think that's cute. Though it might be a stretch sometimes. Like I'm just, "getting into the groove here," getting the project underway. Hence this title. Project days will have Day 1, Day 2 etc. on them to distinguish them and I aim to get through them hopefully by May. Some projects within the project (for example, I already have one parallel worked out. Madonna wrote a series of children's books and I've been batting the idea of writing a short series of my own about my kitty and her travels) might take longer than the alotted 100 days but the important thing is to get them started which where I have the most trouble. Hopefully, they will be complete by the end of the year. No, not hopefully. They will be.


Had to do it once more. I am not a gracious person when I get my way. I will try to improve.



  1. I'm really jealous of your internship. I'm so glad you're back though. :-)

  2. I just love whatever u write, Leyla! keep going pleaseee, such a pleasure to read u!


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