Friday, February 5, 2010

Task 29: Vogue

I started this task whilst watching An Education. I loved it. It's all about a sixteen year old English girl in the '60s learning about how there's more to life and learning than school. It made Paris look so lush and romantic that I actually wanted to be there, all dressed up like a mod, gallivanting with a cute fella while Edith Piaf croons about not regretting anything. I'm not one for girlish fantasies, especially about Paris where I've heard men are none too subtle about the ass-grabbery and the city smells of urine, but I absolutely would've traded places with the main girl, Jenny, in an instant. Plus she had Peter Sarsgaard, "educating," her. Oh the Swedes. How can I resist your big-toothed, silly-accented, Scandinavian ways?

But then I saw the end and that fantasy ended pretty dangin' fast.

All right, so I realized my metal shirts are way to precious for me to attempt any sort of creativity on them, ahem some are vintage concert shirts that cost me a pretty penny, so I decided to try stuff out on my Metal Sludge shirt. Metal Sludge was probably my favorite website when I was in high school. It was all anonymously written content about '80s metal and the commentary was so bitchy and nasty at times but not just for the hell of it. The writers were actually making serious points about the musicians and the music and they just had their own humor that I completely got. It's just basically a metal music site now and the writers are all gone and the owner 'fessed up to who he was (Stevie Rachelle, lead singer of Tuff, he called me once! It was one of the best days of my life. It was about how they didn't have my size in stock but he'd send me another shirt and a bunch of free stuff) but I still wear the shirts. Except this one. It's huge and unflattering.

So I chopped off the sleeves and some of the collar and have started with the sequins. There's going to be so much more added. I would've gotten more done today but well, I had to rescue a cat. More on that later.

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