Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last Rites

I've broken 15,000 words on my "novel," because I am a pretentious writer. The goal is 50,000 by the end of the month but I don't think I'll make it. I'm trying though. It's just, I keep second guessing myself and I'm thoroughly convinced the 50 or so pages I've written so far are complete crap.

Other than that, I've been working on pieces for MetalSucks and various other writing endeavors. I recently got to interview Bobby Liebling of the band Pentagram. Pentagram is one of the pioneers of doom metal (no, not Turkish Pentagram who, I'm sorry to say, are kind of terrible and I only like one song of theirs) and he and I had the longest, most interesting conversation this past Monday night. It was my favorite interview I've ever done and it wouldn't have been possible without his wife Hal. I follow her blog, which is pretty great, and got in touch with her and she helped set it all up.

I head to New York tomorrow to see my mom and sister and a few friends I haven't seen in a while, and then Virginia for Thanksgiving with Elliot and the kitty. Yep, she's going to visit her first roommate, Elliot's mom's cat Miss Grace. I'm sure she'll be angry and growly but we'll give her food and she'll live for a couple days in the company of another cat.

We're coming up fast to the end of the year and I'm going to be pretty busy. I hope I can get to the point where I'm satisfied with all my stuff because my deadline is the end of January. I won't think about this now but I really hope that won't turn into a dead end. If I start thinking about that, I might as well curl up in a ball ad give up on everything right now.

Elliot and I have another trip planned for this December but I won't talk about it just yet. Instead, enjoy some stuff from my tumblr. Because having a blog, a Facebook account, and twitter wasn't enough I had to get a photo blog too.

God, you can really tell how much of a crazy cat lady I am.


  1. Leyla cim maybe we can meet in New York ??? :))

  2. Yarin 5:30 gibi ordayim direk anneme gidiyorum mesaj atar o herhalde :))


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