Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beg for Mercy, Hail The Queen

Times Square, home of BB King's and my mortal enemy; New York cabs.

I'm going to make a conscious effort to update this more and to bring back the focus to my "muses." Or else the title of this blog is just stupid. And by muses, we just mean anything that I love and that brings me joy, as well as stuff that inspires me. We're kind of veering away from the traditional definition of muse and what drove me to start writing this blog but anything that allows me to go on and on is pretty muse-worthy. These are my musings. Yes, I did just refer to the singular me as we. It's the royal we. How annoying would it be if I started referring to everything as we. We looove metal. We just ate the most delicious pho. We do not bring the computer into the bathroom with us because then we would wee all over it.

I just got back from a 24-hour trip to New York. Okay, I have issues with New York. I'm gonna try to be tactful about this as it is half my family's new home, including my sister's, but I just don't like New York. Everyone keeps telling me I'll feel differently if I knew the city and wasn't in a constant state of confusion on the streets and could use the subway as comfortably as I do in Boston but, well, they're wrong. New York is rude. Boston is actually ruder. We are the rudest, bitchiest city in the States currently. But while our rudeness is nothing personal, in New York you kind of take it personally. And it's not "organic," rudeness like if someone is being an asshole on the train and you tell them to shut up because if they don't, they're getting off at the next stop whether they want to or not, no it's different in New York. It's like just because it's New York, they have the right to act that way. Well you know what? If a city is known for having an attitude then here's mine back; fuck you. It's a fucking city. There are millions of cities in the world. There is absolutely nothing that separates you or makes you the creative little unique butterfly you think you are. Get over it. And don't call me a fucking idiot when you can clearly see me getting in the cab you dumbfuck, stupid, bitchass jerk cyclist. You're lucky I'm quite attached to my belonging because if not, I would have had no problem hurling something into your spokes and then we'd see who'd be in whose way as you crashed into oncoming traffic.

Oh, and New York makes me too angry. At least in Boston when we yell, it's a general exclamation to the heavens akin to Italian housewives haggling with market vendors over the price of cheese. In New York, it's just malicious. I don't understand how neurotic New Yorkers can be, ahem excuse me Woody Allen, have you ever actually walked on the streets? The rate at which people hurl abuse, it's like they don't even wait for the words to form in their brains. It's a city that doesn't bottle up anything which is why it baffles me that people would actually need therapists, what would there be left to rant about?

Probably us awesome Boston folk.

But anyway, I'll be back in October New York and if you dare cross me I'll show you that though us Bostonians also use our words, we're quite adept with our fists as well.

This is all hot air you realize, the only person I've ever hit was my sister when we were kids and I still feel really, really bad about that.

That's also the first time I've ever referred to myself as a Bostonian. I guess after 8 years it's pretty true.

But anyway, the whole reason for the trip was to see Accept. I love Accept. They're like muses to me. Eh that's stretching it but I did just say we, sorry I, would try to call more attention to the untraditional muses. They're like AC/DC mixed with The Scorpions with a heavy dose of Motorhead who are all among my favorite bands. I actually got to interview the guitarist for MetalSucks and my boyfriend and I had the best time at the show. They played all the classics as well as some new hits which I quite liked and they even gave me, "Princess of the Dawn." I always pick a song I really want to hear whenever I go to a show and I rarely ever get it (unless it's a really obvious one) but I got this one and I was thrilled. Though the original singer, Udo Dirkschneider, is no longer with the band, the replacement did the songs more than justice. It was so wonderful to see a whole band who all looked genuinely excited and happy to be performing together. I'm not gonna say any more because I'm writing a review for it soon but I'll just leave you with this song.


  1. When you're back in October, I would be honored to show you some sweet-ass New Yorkers!

    To be honest, the rudest people I've found in NYC proper are those commuting from New Jersey, Long Island, etc. The "bridge and tunnel" crowd. (I reserve every right to say this with disdain because, although I may live on LI right now, these people are awful and I'm from Queens. I'll beat their asses.) I still remember the one woman who, after I stepped to the side of the subway doors as you normally/politely do, deliberately shoved me and told me to get the FUCK outta her way. It's just Penn Station, lady. You'll make it to your peak train without being a jerk.

    That said, I have a very neurotic extended family who only communicates in squawks, so maybe it's just in my blood.


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