Friday, May 7, 2010

Heavy Metal Queen

As you may have noticed, I have a new layout! The black background was getting too hard on the eyes and I feel the classic black & white image with the Metal Lord font aka the Iron Maiden font better helps get the point of the blog across. It is still lead by Madonna, the first and foremost muse, but I'm slowly integrating my other interests and inspirations and drawing correlations from the contrasting elements of my life (such as loving melodic death metal while wearing a flowery, sequined dress and lighting sandalwood incense) as I move forward with the tasks and switch this from a countdown to a fairly regular, active blog. Meanwhile, here are some images from the various blogs I follow, listed on the left, that encourage me to maybe start my own fashion blog along with keeping this a daily diary of sorts. I've "met" some of the most wonderful people through following their fashion blogs and it's just so amazing to see how clothes can translate to life and living. Some might think fashion is superficial and a rather dim-witted endeavor but I see it as art. Just like writing is art. Or music, architecture, painting, sculpting, even welding. I believe art can be found in anything and just because it doesn't have a classic muse like Terpsichore or Calliope to back it up, doesn't mean it can't reach beyond the traditional realms of creativity. Because that's what art is; reaching past what's been done and finding some original way you can make it your own.


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for putting Fashion Bombay. We too, follow your blog regularly. Love how you're mixing cultures and ur openness to Indian culture.

  2. I know these girls! :)

    Love the jewellery here. Must have everything :)

  3. They're great! I love their looks and yours :)

  4. i recognize Hal on one of those ;)

  5. Her blog is one of my favorites!


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