Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Then Peace Will Guide the Planets, And Love Will Steer the Stars

It's been a bit since I wrote anything in here and I think I'm slowly losing interest. But no worries, I'll get back in the habit soon enough. Happy one year (and 18 days) to Like A Muse, though. It was exactly a year ago (and 18 days) when I wrote that first entry all freaked out and angry. Happy to say I am not very freaked out or angry right now. Which might be why I'm not writing. I have, however, been recently hired by a national women's website as part of the Boston crew. So once a week or so I will be writing random articles about stuff that's going on in Boston for It can be everything from shows to fashion to movies to restaurants so I think I'll have fun with it. My first piece is all ready to go about the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge and it's Valentine's Day special showings of Casablanca. That was where I first saw the movie too, and I was secretly really excited at the time. When I was younger I used to read a book series about a girl named Anastasia Krupnik by Lois Lowry, and she lived in Cambridge and she would always go to showings of Casablanca at the Brattle with her best friend. In fact, her best friend went with someone else in one book and they had a huge fight and it was this whole dramatic exchange because it was with a boy that Anastasia liked, but didn't want to admit it because he was kind of a dork and carried a briefcase everywhere he went, and her friend couldn't understand what the big deal was. Okay yes, I'm a nerd but if you use the bathroom at the Brattle, there's graffiti in one of the stalls that refers to Anastasia so, I'm not the only one.

I'm also still writing for MetalSucks (wrote yet another theme piece about V-Day for it but mom, don't read it. It's about inappropriate heavy metal sex songs and not suitable for parents) and I'm probably going to start working at Angell Memorial. It's an animal hospital near Northeastern that has an adoption center and they've been looking for people to help out. Me + kitties? God, it's going to be the best thing ever.

On a weird and kind of un-me note, I went to an astrologer. He wasn't the usual tarot-card, read-your-palm man (they freak me out. No, I do not want to know when I'm going to die because then I'll spend the rest of my life obsessing over it. You, fortune teller, have therein ruined my life). Gahl Sasson is a spiritual teacher and deals with Kabbalah and astrology and I know a lot of people scoff at all that, but hey, I place so much faith in the universe, why not try out someone who deals with deciphering it? Besides, Madonna does Kabbalah and if I'm to be true to this blog/project, well, I should give it a shot. I went with my sister and we sat with the guy for almost two hours. He's very strange when you first meet him. You don't get any energy from him, good or bad. He's just blank. I'm pretty intuitive (which is why I judge people a bit harshly because I make up my mind about them within the first few minutes of meeting them) and I just couldn't get a reading off the man. Which he probably does on purpose, voodoo baldy that he is. No, I'm kidding he's actually really friendly, we talked a bit once our sessions were over.

To be honest, I don't place a lot of importance, or any, on planet alignment or any of that crap. When he was going on about the moon being the seventh house or the position of Jupiter in relation to my Virgo-ness blah blah blah, all I was doing was singing, "The Age of Aquarius," in my head and trying not to crack up. It's the personality stuff that matters to me. And he was pretty on-target with everything he said. Like, I need to have a tidy, peaceful environment or I'll freak out and can't get anything done. Well, I do clean the house and make my bed and get dressed as soon as I wake up otherwise I feel like I'm wasting the day in filth. He also called me a nun with great style. I'm a Queen Elizabeth figure, apparently, since we're both, "double Virgos." If you're reading this and looking completely blank, don't worry. I literally went, "Huh?' when he said that. It means I let no one, especially men, control me and I'm independent and grounded yet I love luxury, like the Virgin Queen. He was quick to add, "No, no doesn't mean she didn't have sex! She had lots of it! She just never took a man's name or one to rule with her!" Fair enough. Hah, that was also one of the few times he broke his sedate character to hastily explain himself. Guys, I need to be surrounded by luxury to feed my creativity. Buy me stuff. Anyone that sees him also has the opportunity to ask about whomever they want. You just have to give the time, date, and place of birth. My sister and I asked about our parents and then I couldn't resist, I timidly asked what his crazy astrology computer (he puts all the information into this program and it spits out everything and he explains it to whomever he's "reading,") said about my cat. I'm crazy okay? We know this. But he said my favorite thing; my cat and I have karma. She found me and if she ever leaves me, she will always find a way to get back to me, even in death. My little Egglet. I loves her.

Of course, I asked about writing stuff but let's just see how this year goes before I reveal anything and see if comes true. 2011 is the year of new beginnings, astrologically-speaking, and I do have hopes for it. He records every session and my sister and I both have CDs with our readings but meh, I don't need to hear it again. He named certan dates that were "good," or, "bad," but I don't remember them nor do I want to. His whole job may be based on the way the universe was on the specific times people were born and I don't know, maybe there's something to it. But everyone makes their own life and their own choices and I don't think giant balls of burning gas really set our paths. This is what I whole-heartedly believe and I don't care if Mars humping Venus on the night of my birth means I must dance in the blood of 1000 virgins to successfully write a novel. There are probably thousands of others born on the same date and time I was and they're all living different lives than I am. It's not because of planet alignment either, no, it's because of their choices and environment and everything else that helps shape them to be who they are. But, it's still fun and I see no harm in believing in this, rather than say, religion.

Also, this is horribly un-metal but I saw Wicked and it's amazing. I love belting female vocals and the lady playing Elphaba gave me goosebumps all night long. Yeah, I like musicals shhh. I mean, I had the lead in one in high school. AND THE ASTROLOGER SAID I SHOULD'VE BEEN AN ACTRESS BUT THAT I HATED THE SPOTLIGHT SO I COMPROMISED WITH SCREENWRITING. Yeah, occasionally he hit on some freakily accurate stuff. The Mercury is strong in me.

Now let's see how far along I am with this blog project! Note: I allowed for some creative adaptation as the year went on.

(X) Task 1: Plan out the project.
(X) Task 2: Dress up and look like an asshole.
(X) Task 3: Sexy writings.
(X) Task 4: Audition for something, anything. Applied for writing gigs, got'em.
(X) Task 5: Start fashion fuckery;
(X) Task 6: "Like a prayer, I'll take you there."
(X) Task 7: Write my book; wrote first 80 pages, gave up, re-writing the whole thing.
(X) Task 8: Design Ayran Maiden Eddie. Attempted, sucked at photoshop, no one would help me.
(X) Task 9: Conquer Egglet and her claws. I did, kind of.
(X) Task 10: Teach myself Hindi. Replaced it with improving Turkish, have started reading more in my native tongue.
(X) Task 11: Get into a healthy exercise program.
(X) Task 12: Go back to India.
(X) Task 13: Learn to tie a sari. It was hilariously bad.
(X) Task 14: Watch 8 Miles High, the life of Uschi Obermaier (I'm watching it tonight so technically, done)
(X) Task 15: Have a "mod," day. Welp, had a period of straightening my hair and wearing just black and white...
(X) Task 16: Karaoke timez. I sang with my friends to Dio during RockBand. Totally counts.
(X) Task 17: Do something with Borusan Kultur and Sanat. The program may not have worked out but I did contribute music to another event and maybe something will come of it when I get back.
(X) Task 18: Horsey times. May not have ridden it but did spend time with my daddy and Lulu his other baby.
(X) Task 19: Write a new script. Got the idea and outline.
(X) Task 20: Edit existing scripts... um, I made notes on future edits? Okay, bad me.
(X) Task 21: Write a series of kids books about Egglet. I started her blog (Like A Mews) and I will continue that and eventually turn it into a book.
(X) Task 22: Be a nice person, i.e. volunteer. Loophole: don't have to help people! Yay animals!
(X) Task 23: Belly-danced like the Middle Eastern stripper I am.
(X) Task 24: Dressed up night on the town. Did it one better; went to a movie premiere.
(X) Task 25: Go to a gay bar! The Model in Boston kind of counts.
(X) Task 26: Madonna artwork for my new place to stay in the mind-set. It's hidden in my closet and is secretly awesome.
(X) Task 27: Read Anna Karenina and various other classics. I read some amazing books though Anna was a little too dreary.
(X) Task 28: Learn to drive.
(X) Task 29: DIY my metal shirts. Finish vest and get going on the new one.
(X) Task 30: Watch Drowned World and various other Madonna concert films. Just Sticky & Sweet left.
(X) Task 31-100 - Adopt air of Madonna; go forth confidently and stuff. I guess? I'm pretty confident. I got some of that self-esteem shit people talk about.

It's been a year and I've done everything I set out to do. Pretty much. Kind of? Sure, I did some tweaking and cheating but my project, my rules. I think it's a turning point now to slowly get out of the Madonna-ness I've had for the past year. It was fun and something to do when I was kind of down and it helped me stay sane, but everything must come to an eventual end. Bu da gecer. And thus, I declare the Like A Muse project over. Of course, I'm going to continue with stuff I started, especially writing-wise, and I will keep writing here, but I think it's time for the blog to be just a blog. I'm keeping the name though, it's pretty catchy.


  1. Ha, I will comment! FYI if you ever want a highly unprofessional yet very fun tarot reading, let me know, I'm your gal. I'm not quite proficient enough to do astology, though I do know enough to get by. Kester let me do one for him about a year ago and it was actually very fun and he liked it (which I didn't expect). You've obviously got to take these things with a huge grain of salt, but they can still be very interesting/a new way to get you thinking a bit... I have done some tarot readings before, but I've never gone to an astrologer (have only done my own charts), so glad to hear it was interesting!

    -Laura (you know the one ;)

  2. Oo my friend does tarot readings too but she has yet to do one for me! I will take you up on that when next we hang out.


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