Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Can't Stop the Cyclone, That's About to Explode

I don't really do resolutions on New Year's Eve because, well, I have enough things to live up to in my head year-round that I don't need to indulge in that particular cliche. Instead I'll join the "summing up my year" bandwagon.Enjoy a brief verbal and pictorial overview of my year. 2010, you were pretty interesting. Thank you to all of you who keep reading and commenting, it means the world to me.

* Started the year out in Istanbul
* Witnessed plans for the opening of the Music House
* Met Mercan Dede and Carlito Dalceggio
* Went to L.A.
* Did not like it (*cough* understatement *cough**cough*)
* Went back to Boston
* Got my 7th tattoo (or 5th depending on how you count them)
* Started the Like A Muse project/blog
* Had a blonde(ish) moment. Still growing out the streaks.
* Got internship with Gersh Agency based in L.A.
* Got upgraded to a paid reader at Gersh although amount of work they sent me drastically dropped
* Sent the boyfriend off to Iraq for the last couple times
* Went to Jodhpur, India with the family in time for Holi
* Returned to Boston to my favorite apartment I've ever lived in, with my cat
* Came back to Istanbul for the summer and my sister's high school graduation
* Saw Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood with my cousins and sister
* Went to Brussels, Belgium to see Mercan Dede and Elif Safak
* Went to Salzburg, Austria to watch our orchestra perform and my uncle receive a medal for contributions to the arts
* Traveled back to southern Turkey for sea times
* Started writing for MetalSucks and interviewed Roxana Shirazi, Wolf Hoffman from Accept, and Bobby Liebling of Pentagram
* Attended a Tarkan concert
* Back to Boston to see KISS with Elliot
* Elliot left for Austin, TX for two months while I got ready to move to a new apartment
* Kept making headway with the Muse Project, started writing a book
* Visited best friends in Chicago
* Treated boyfriend to Devin Townsend for his birthday
* Saw Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved
* Spent Thanksgiving in Virginia
* Traveled to Hong Kong with my boyfriend
* Came back home to Istanbul to finish off the year with my loved ones

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